We did it boys..and then some!!!

It’s been a couple weeks since the big day, but I have been so BUSY since fetishcon, I am just finding the time now to get updates going. I tweeted like right away but I know so many of you are not on twitter. Bottom line is….

MOMMY WON!!! But not only did I win the award I asked you guys for BUT 2 more!! Yes 3 awards in total!! What did you guys do lol??!!

Your queen is now 2019 Fetish Model of the Year, 2019 Producer of the year & 2019 Best feature film of the year, Darker Knight with Maria Marley, Jemma Jordan & Indica Fetish!!!

As most of you know Fetish model of the year means alot to me…I have been in the game for a LONG time, and always strive to do my best, and deliver the hottest freakin content. I promise to make each year more twisted, shocking & hotter then the last..

Thanks for all the awards…really!! Fetishcon by far is my favorite event of the year, run by some pretty amazing people. Those awards mean a bit more to me then others..bc I love what I do!!

Next year let’s just keep it to 1 lmao!!

BTW I have a BIG surprise coming soon for my special boys..so stay tuned 🙂

Check out what Domme Addiction ha to say about the awards here.