If you found your way to this page you are looking to get spending, and I’m here to encourage that! As the high end femdom & cash princess I am, I DESERVE tributes!

You MUST do so in the two or more of the following ways!

      • Mail me cash and gifts! – 931 Village Blvd Ste 905-232 West Palm Beach FL 33409
      • Cash meets – $350 min within 30 miles from Singer Island, Fl or NYC (when I am at my NYC home)
    • PayP*L (Contact me)
    • IwantClips (International payments accepted) Buttons Below
    • Personal Checks (Email for address)
    • Amazon Gift card (International) Click Here
    • BTC 3MkdN1i5V8RKjKD6YiZ4NSmFDmRgUTEhYe
    • Mine Bitcoin for me! Join my slave mining pool.. instructions here..  enter my current bit coin address (3MkdN1i5V8RKjKD6YiZ4NSmFDmRgUTEhYe)

Interested in making a commitment? Cash arrangement’s can include daily, weekly or monthly tributes. Cash for shopping sprees, groceries or whatever I decide. So go to the Slave Application page and submit yourself. Below is a list of my current bills (there are a ton!) Let me know which 1 you would like to cover!

Want to feel indebted to me for a long time, with no way out? Go to my Legal Debt Agreement page

Bitcoin Accepted 🙂


Other Crypto-Currencies Accepted…enquire at or on my AVN fanclub! 

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