Are you truly ready to relinquish all control of your sexual desires? Chastity is one of my favorite forms of power & control over you. I do not make it easy for my slaves to stay in chastity. Every one of my locked sub-missives have a MANDATORY once a week Skype video session with me, as well as my cell # or Kik ID for me to send teasers. Tease & denial is a huge part of keyholding for me. The tangible control I have over you at that point is thrilling. As time passes, the longer you are locked, you get more and more desperate for release. To me those keys become even more valuable, and my power over you even stronger.

The fee for Keyholding is $250 per week. Whats included? One 15 minute skype or custom video per week (Value $150) Messaging & pictures shared via Kik or Text message to my personal cell phone, when I have free time (not to be abused) I will keep your keys with all of my others, on a necklace.

If you are in need of a chastity Device, I am an affiliate for THE VICE check out the site and use my coupon code below to purchase it.

Once you have your device and you are ready to be locked, Simply pay the $250 HERE & reach out to me within 24 hours for my address to send keys, and the initial Skype or kik session.

Please keep in mind, once you are locked, it will take AT LEAST 24 hours to get the keys back to you, shall you determine you cannot handle being locked any longer.

If you are too nervous (pathetic) I can use a Smart Keybox that can be unlocked remotely at my specific direction.

If you do not have a chastity device currently, this is the ONLY one I recommend. It is 100% tamper proof. Pick out your correct device for you, and when checking out use Coupon Code:  TAYLOR-K to get $20 off your purchase.

I’m ready for you….

Think you are ready to devote months of sexual servitude to me?

Simply send your $250 Tribute HERE with the note servitude & I will be in touch to arrange the key holding, skype, kik, personal cell phone ect. At that point I will have you FULLY wrapped around my finger.