Ok- So Blackmail is not your thing. But you know I am the ultimate cash queen & all I care about is your wallet! You want to be indebted to me & have that held over you head for YEARS?

Well aren’t you a needy little bitch!!

Before you even waste my time inquiring about this, please read everything below as well as the Questions & Answers section, and watch my Legal Debt Contract video HERE

Seriously, you really have no purpose in life, so why not make your sole purpose serving the most beautiful LIFESTYLE findom, or woman for that matter, that you ever laid eyes on!!
Well here is your cure. Your new ultimate purpose in life. Knowing you will be indebted to me & only me for years to come! This is a legal binding contract, no backing out of this one! And frankly you know you should be very THANKFUL I am even allowing you to do this! I gave up a huge part of my mainstream modeling & acting career to become the spoiled brat I am to you weak pathetic losers, and it’s about time you show my some real gratitude. You already know my front porch is filled with boxes from my Amazon wishlist, which may feel good for the guys for the day, but knowing a big  part of you is OWNED by me, is the answer you have been searching for! Get your purpose in life LOSER…ME! And best of all it can happen within 2 business days!

Questions you may have about my LEGAL BINDING DEBT CONTRACT;

Mistress, just how much is the legal debt contract for?

The legal contract costs $225 to draw up by an Accredited lawyer. I will obviously need your real info for this legally binding contract. (Just as everything else I do, all your information is NEVER released to anyone else. As a Marine Biology graduate from 1 of the top schools in the US, as well as A well known mainstream high fashion model, and contracted Actress for NBC I know all of you know to keep this part pf my life discreet, and will do the same for you.

Mistress, is there a minimum I should make the debt contract for?

This is the 1 aspect of our Findom/Financial Slave relationship that I let the slave decide just how much he is willing to be in debt with me for. The average cost of me having the contract drawn up by a very discreet lawyer is $550. Due to the lawyer costs, and effort I have to put into this, as it is usually for a lengthy period of time, the Legal Debt contract starts at a minimum of $12,000. I will not entertain offers for 1 penny less! Do not waste my time. If you are looking for a no strings attached Financial slave relationship to test the waters, you can head to the “Pay my bills section”

Mistress, how long will this debt contract be for & what is the interest rate?

Again, this is the 1 aspect of our Findom/Financial Slave relationship that I let the slave decide which works best for his/her budget. A smart way to decide how many years as well as the rate of interest that you can afford to pay me, is by using this Loan Calculator Tool.

Mistress what is the best way to make payments on the debt contract?

For this, since I now know you are who you say you are, the methods of payment are all listed on my tribute page.
I also take Checks & Money Orders, Gift Rocket, PervoutPay and Amazon Gift cards for this service ONLY. (After the initial $550 payment sent via online to have my lawyer draw up the contract)

For those of you that want to send checks for this payment I am a registered business. Email Me at TotallyTaylor305@gmail.com for address for checks.

Once you have pondered all of the above, and you decide on the rate and length of the contract you may then contact me inquiring you are interested. At that time, be fully prepared to pay the $225 Lawyer fee, and send me PROOF OF YOUR IDENTITY with the slave application form found here. You can not sign a legally binding contract without sending me proof that you are who you say you are. This includes a pic of your photo ID, a picture of you holding the ID next to your face. You must pay the fee, then submit your proof of ID to me with your rate of interest and years on the contract, and I will send your information to my lawyer. Most debt contracts are delivered in 1-2 days.