Interested in Blackmail?
So am I.
This is no Joke.
I may look sweet and innocent, but I only care about money and what you can do for me.
Ready to step into my dark side of the web?

Purchase my Blackmail Contract $800

**This contract can have SERIOUS consequences**

Blackmail-fantasy Consent Contract


Purchase Blackmail-fantasy Hitlist Contract entry

For everyone that wants to know ALL about my blackmail contract..What’s included..What I will do to you…How serious it is… How people end up on my “Hit List” and more. Yes I am ruthless. And yes MONEY is my only LOVE..And i WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE..

You have been warned..

*Interactive clip*
So many of you have been asking me how boys make it on to my blackmail-fantasy hitlist. It used to be, They would have to enter my blackmail-fantasy contract, which is expensive, but legally protected me.
I recently learned I do not need such a legally binding contract just to cover me for the hitlists.
So it’s you lucky day, You can now enter by hitlist contract for $100.
No going back on this one.. Once you purchase, be ready to be posted anywhere for just about ANYTHING I wish. You won’t know it’s coming wither. It could happen in 2 days, or in Months down the line.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Blackmail Hitlist Form (Only enter if you have your order # ready!)