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This is for online *Fin-subs*

Nothing pleases me more, then draining your weak pathetic ego! The first  place I hit…Your wallet, DUH!!!

Send give me your cash, you can pay my bills, give me access to your credit cards & accounts. You know it’s going to happen eventually so give in! You may actually feel like you now have a purpose in life, once you start financially serving me! I don’t care if you have to eat cat food daily, if it means spoiling me! I am one of the top Findoms in the USA. Seriously, don’t you think I receive hundreds of messages a week from weak pathetic men, saying they want to serve & spoil..Show me how you are different and make me notice you! I am far from the girl next door bimbo I look like..And you will learn that & much more in my BTS Domination clips.


  • $30 a response from me!
  • $40 A customized DICK rating! *Warning I can be mean! Send via my TRIBUTE PAGE then fill out my contact page, and I will respond, on what I think about it 😛
  • $50 Hacker domination! I take over your computer in front of your eyes! Watch me drain your bank account, go shopping off my wishlist, tribute myself, post on your social media- whatever I please! Do not buy this option unless you have $ for me to spend or your IP address will be blocked from any future sessions.
  • $60 & I will send you a personal mocking photo (you must ask w/ tribute) As well as have your photo posted on my wall of shame (If you choose)
  • $75 & you can pay 1 of my bills + Get’s a personal mocking photo!
  • $300/weekly min gets attention of my nearly 100k social media fans, acknowledged as a paypig, my personal phone # for daily mocking photos & gets to be in my #TaylorArmy secret group on twitter! Where my little worker bees work hard for me!
  • $350/ weekly gets a new chastity device mailed to you, you will lock it, I will hold the key, and keep it on my necklace to mock you via short vids and pics through the week.
  • $250 gets a legal Debt contract! A personal letter to you drafted up by my lawyer that you will pay me x amount monthly. (Due to my lawyer fees & time in effort put into these, there is a minimum of  12.5k extended by number of months you choose) Basically I will own a piece of EVERYTHING you own. Make a wise decision as to just how much…You will get all of the above and become a true OWNED Taylor slave with weekly tasks!


All of these options can be paid for on my tribute page, where I have many convenient options for your payment in the US & Internationally. Please follow up with an email to after tribute.

Email’s received without a tribute will be IGNORED!



Can’t afford to serve me financially? But want to be an online servant?  


Here is a short Video explaining how to do this!



Fill out my slave app-send a small tribute to make it worth my time to answer you & read it. And LET ME KNOW what QUALITIES make you stand out the most…

  • Are you good with graphic design? You can make graphics for me & spread them wide!
  • Online promotion? (you would promote my website with clips & a site banner everywhere-forums ect)
  • Have A website? Copy my banner & get it up there!!
  • Good with social media? Good because I hate it! Start a fan page for me & promote promote to see the most beautiful girl in the world internationally spread! 50% of my fans are overseas!
  • Own a designer clothing, latex or adult store? Send me stuff on #TaylorThursday Love getting spoiled!!
  • Something else you think is special that I cannot think of right now? Let me know!

Post this banner on your website and all adult & findom forums NOW!

Mistress Taylor Knight

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