Life as a Fetish Model & Findom (part 1)

Reminder for those idiots that need it: It’s TAYLOR THURSDAY. What have you done for Goddess today? Open those wallets boys, tribute for a drain sesh, tribute in general to show me you exist or buy me a gift off my wishlist. You work to keep me comfortable. Don’t forget that!

I know you can’t get enough of my life.. So I throw you a bone every now and again. Enjoy watching this 100000 x’s until next Thursday when I throw you another one 🖕

Lastly..we are about 1/2 way in to the nominations perios for Fetish model of the year. I want you to nominate daily till your fucking hands hurt.

That is all!!

Here is the video for today’s Taylor Thursday

$2,300 Cashmeet for Taylor Thursday!

Hey guys it’s 5/16 and have a new cashmeet for you guys!! Was not expecting this one 🙂

My slave drove 11 hours to give me this FAT STACK. He has been trying to get here for over a year, so he sure was happy 🙂

I’m going to enjoy this tonight…ALOT!

I have it on video for ya..


Click here for youtube video!

Taking you guys w/ me on a Taylor Thursday cashmeet!!

Just in case any of you betas need to remember your place on Taylor Thursday..

I am allowing you to come with me on a bit of a ride..To see what it takes to get my attention today.

Your welcome

Taylor Thursday BITCHE$$$$$$$!

Just signed ANOTHER Debt agreement!

Easy peasyy. He was too easy actually…Completely star struck..I should have gotten more really..The LOSER actually let me video it too LMAO..

You can find that video here. On my brand new youtube…Yes I had to start a new one..More about that later..

I would LOVE to hear what you guys think!!!


Mistress Taylor

Welcome to your new life loser!! #FloridaFindom


Fetishcon 2018

Fans, slaves & wanna be’s!

I will be attending Fetcon 2018.

My 2 lucky slaves @1thomas_99 & @MTKSlaveDave will be taking care of my suite & my every need at this event, and GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!

I am  currently accepting worthy applicants for:

The opportunity to serve me at the awards, Take me shopping, cash meets, dinner on a leash, accepting new slaves for sessions both filmed and private.

This is 1  of the only places, I allow for the opportunity to get an initial PRIVATE Femdom session with new slaves!

I will make another post, when I am 100% booked. I will be staying at the St. Pete’s Bayfront in Hilton, and can host approved applicants in a private dungeon or my suite on premise.

I will be bringing 50+ Chastity Devices & I plan on using ALL of them, to DOUBLE last years locked!-So Chastity slaves ready to submit for complete devotion, apply as well.

Lastly, I will be accepting sissification slaves, that can have a reduced session, to be filmed for my sissification class.

So lots of interesting things for my loyal Submissive.


We have 1 more week to nominate me for the fetish awards!

Go to:

Fetish nominations started! Pls Help me keep my title! 1) Go to

2) Scroll to Favorite Fetish Producer & Put Taylor Knights Angels

3) Scroll to Favorite Female Fetish Performer & Type Taylor Knight


If you are seeing this post after June 15th when nominations have stopped, VOTE for me to help me win another Fetish model of the year award for this year!!

**To Apply to serve me at Fetishcon 2018, fill out a SLAVE APP with subject Fetcon 18. I will get back to you within the week, as long as I still have schedule openings for new slaves at the event.


Mistress Taylor Knight





Fetish Award nominations are here!! Slave task for all!!

Alright boys..Easy slave task to serve me..
You DO want me to keep my title right?? I pump out DOZENS of amazing custom clips for you guys every week. With the HOTTEST Taylor’s Angels & slave girls..So why should I not get producer of the year too??
Fetish nominations started! Pls Help me keep my title!
1) Go to
2) Scroll to Favorite Fetish Producer & Put Taylor Knights Angels
3) Scroll to Favorite Female Fetish Performer & Type Taylor Knight
Have everyone that loves me do the same.
Nominations end June 15th!

Huge Taylor Thursday Cashmeet is posted!!

Boy’s I have been soo busy I have not updated my Youtube in ages!! Well last Thursday I had 3 great cashmeets..Just uploaded 1 to Youtube now 🙂

Enjoy & wish this was you!!



I am super excited about femdomathon!!!

Here is the flyer & the lineup guys!! My house is going to be filled with some sexy girls..If you want a change to be considered for a session with ANY of us or ALL of us we are giving HUGE Discounts on multi femdom sessions!! From sensual dom, to CBT & ball busting..Or maybe you want to try out some of my torture devices.. Either way fill out a slave app on my site & attach a small tribute so I know you are not a time waster!! We are 90% BOOKED FOR THIS EVENT BUT CAN STILL FIT IN A FEW MORE SHORT SESSIONS, as well as custom videos w/ any dommes of your choice,  & live feed of the event!

Well I know you are excited to hear who is coming so I will finish this up & post them below with the flyer!



THE FEMDOM LINE-UP! So many Taylor’s Angels & more!

Mistress Taylor Knight (ofc!)

Maria Jade

Miss Whitney Morgan,

Goddess Ophelia,

Nadia White,

Janna Hicks (Prev Jemma Jordan)

Sarah Brooke,

Goddess Kira,

Mistress Scarlet,

Maria Marley,

& Goddess Jessica

Here is the flyer! Feel free to share on Fetlife, socials ect.



My 1st blog post!

Well guys lots to say!! I am FINALLY back at my SoFL Home & the weather is pretty amazing! This is the dry season, so I have tons of beach days ahead. I have TONS of custom videos to catch up on for the week I was traveling though! Since it is so nice out, I will be able to walk to my gorgeous private beach & film them there…I know alot of you upnorth have snow & crappy weather so maybe it will warm you up lol…So to my fans & slaves that ordered the following customs, Giantess, Face sitting, foot fetish with dirty feet (it will be sandy feet lol) and the lip Fetish you will be getting a pretty awesome view!! I also have some custom fan sign to get out and dick ratings, so needless to say this weekend will be a BUSY one!! But I f’n LOVE it! I will get back to doing femdom sessions & cash meets on Monday, and then the count down begINS TO Femdomathon! Its going to be amazing! 12 sexy femdoms all flying in from around US and all here at 1 time! I will share the line up & flyer in my next blog post.

Bye for now!


Mistress Taylor